Important Safety Reminders
Important Safety Reminders
Posted on 09/21/2016
kid on busOur regular arrival and dismissal schedule is:


Bus Arrival/Student Drop Off - 8:35, Warning and Dismissal to Class - 8:50,  Tardy - 8:55

Late-Start Mondays

Bus Arrival/Student Drop Off - 9:35, Warning and Dismissal to Class - 9:50,  Tardy - 9:55
Please have your students ride the bus as much as possible, and do not drop off your students before the arrival time.
Some safety concerns and reminders for students who are dropped off and picked up:

In Front of the School

Please either park and walk your student to the door (or watch them), or stay in the inside lane until you can pull your car up to the curb right in front of the main doors.  This keeps traffic moving smoothly.  Please model the Shaw Road Code for our community: Respectful-Responsible-Safe=Incredible!   We have a right turn only sign posted with flags.  Please do not try and turn left during arrival and dismissal.

On 12th Street

We appreciate the lighter traffic in the main lot this year as many families are choosing to use 12th Street as a drop-off and pick-up zone.  We are posting an adult at the 12th Street gate (closest to Shaw Road) as an additional safety measure.  Students may enter and exit only through a gate.  Please do not allow your student to run across 12th Street to meet you.  There is not a designated crosswalk.  If you need to park on the other side of the street please walk your student to the corner and across.  

We have 665 students at Shaw Road right now.  We all have a role in their safety - as do the students.  With our help, reminders, and modeling of safe behavior the students will always know what they need to do.  I will be meeting in grade level assemblies next week to review all of the above with them as well.  

Please look for a week-ending email from me..  I have updates and news to share.  

All-in-all, Trailblazers - it is a great start!  I am excited to be back as your principal.  Your kids are AWESOME!

Michelle with student

Thanks for Your Support,

Michelle Cruckshank