Mrs. Wilgus Guidance
September, I will be visiting each classroom to get to know students, do introductions, and share reminders about Shaw Road Code, Self-Advocacy, and Bully Prevention. We work hard to build  a sense of responsibility in all students to promote kindness, thus not tolerate meanness.  Your student will hear " Meanness may happen, but it's our responsibility to let the offender know Meanness is not aloud at Shaw Road."  Your student will hear " Not all mean acts are bullying, but all bullying is mean.  Not all bullying is harassment, but all harassment is bullying." 

We want to help all distinguish the difference:
              Harassment is bullying based around discrimination because of gender, sexual                                          orientation, race, religion, disability, age, and nation of origin.
              Bullying is mean acts and intimidation that is repeated and targeted to exert power                                  and control over another person or group.
              Meanness is an act or attitude that expresses displeasure, anger, revenge/                                              "payback" toward someone or group , often short term that can
                                 be resolved with a mediator and forgiveness.
              Accidents are unintentional acts which may cause physical or emotional  hurt and are                                   usually accompanied with an apology.